Over 15 Years of Graphic Design in Seattle

For over 15 years, flexibility has been the “name of the game” for Page 3 Design. Every client has had different needs and objectives, and we’ve adjusted accordingly. P.3 has been asked to do everything from video voice-overs for T-Mobile to security apps for the United States Department of Justice.

Barry Craig founded Page 3 Design in 2001 with a desire to help Seattle businesses grow. Barry is a designer, illustrator, and Web developer. With a focus on industries including music, gaming, technology and healthcare, Barry has been the talent behind memorable designs for P&G, Cheerios, Target, Virgin Records, and Wizards of the Coast.

Barry studied graphic design at the University of North Texas, where he graduated with top portfolio honors. With an educational focus on color theory and typography, and over a decade of experience in user experience and hand coding HTML websites, Barry considers himself a true hybrid of print and web expertise. Find out more about Barry’s skills and experience in his latest resume.

So please peruse some of our favorite designs, or drop us a message.