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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Books

Designed the interiors of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition books. In addition to the chapter treatments, art deco borders and illustrative elements, almost every creature illustration needed to be masked out from it’s original background, and then custom brushwork were applied to give the imagery a painterly / storytelling vibe.

These 5th edition books are the best selling version of the D&D books to date, causing a resurgence in players and popularity. They are widely celebrated for their immersive qualities, with most reviewers giving them 5 stars, and some even making a point to mention the graphic design:

I also really liked the layout. The book just feels a lot more fluid than other editions… There are nice touches all over the book, such as little “post-it note” like call-outs that have quotes about the monsters from adventures. It’s a nice little touch that adds some thematic flair. Three graphic designers are credited with working on the Monster Manual, and I really think that the trio of Bree Heiss, Emi Tanji and Barry Craig did an outstanding job with the overall layout. This Monster Manual is both a pleasure to flip through and very easy to use.