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Magic World Guides, Story Guides and Set Design

After working on the D&D books for Wizards of the Coast, I shifted over to the studios that create Magic the Gathering. There I designed world guides, story guides, and helped design several major set releases.

The world guides are a collection of all the visual and story elements of a setting — the creatures, factions, and even plant life that make each setting unique — and tell the important story beats that our characters will be going through. Then, when the writers and illustrators are hired to write the books and create the card illustrations, they have a single cohesive resource to follow.

As a designer on Kaladesh, Ixalan, Guilds of Ravnica, War of the Spark, M19 and other expansions, I helped define the visual elements that give each set its particular look, from building blocks like color palettes and imagery treatments, to specific example solutions like booster box packaging, posters, and more.